Texas A&M faculty and students are driven by the spirit of discovery and committed to pushing back the boundaries of knowledge. Research conducted at Texas A&M represented annual expenditures of more than $922 million in fiscal year 2018. Texas A&M ranked in the top 20 of the National Science Foundation’s Higher Education Research and Development survey (2017), based on expenditures of more than $905.4 million in fiscal year 2017. The College of Science alone is responsible for more than $60 million of that research, including millions in indirect cost return that is reinvested in new and continuing projects.

$60 million in federal research funding

World renown biological clocks research

Chemistry houses Texas A&M’s second Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) Scholar in Cancer Research

Two-thirds of Mathematics faculty have NSF grants

Ranked 13th nationally among public university math departments in research funding

Physics & Astronomy is a partner in the Giant Magellan Telescope

Cyclotron Institute brings in $7 million annually in external research grants

Centers, Institutes & Laboratories

The College of Science is home to 20 centers and institutes as well as many specialized laboratories and active research groups, where innovation by our top researchers has led to groundbreaking discoveries and extraordinary answers to life’s ordinary questions.

Research News

Texas A&M Chemist Cautiously Optimistic Regarding Remdesivir Clinical Trial Results

As a chemical biologist, Texas A&M University chemist Wenshe Ray Liu has a vested interest in preliminary results from a University of Chicago clinical trial using the experimental drug remdesivir to treat patients suffering from COVID-19.

Liu was the first person to identify the Gilead Sciences-developed antiviral as the only viable medicine for treating COVID-19 in a January research study. At the time, he believed so strongly in its singular effectiveness that he refocused his entire research group from cancer to COVID-19, challenging them to find additional drugs capable of combatting the novel coronavirus pandemic then rapidly spreading across [...]

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