Scientists with the CEERS Collaboration have identified an object — dubbed Maisie’s galaxy in honor of project head Steven Finkelstein’s daughter — that may be one of the earliest galaxies ever observed. If its estimated redshift of 14 is confirmed with future observations, that would mean we’re seeing it as it was just 290 million years after the Big Bang. (Credit: NASA/STScI/CEERS/TACC/S. Finkelstein/M. Bagley/Z. Levay.)

Wide View of Early Universe Hints at Galaxy Among the Earliest Ever Detected

Story Courtesy of The University of Texas College of Natural Sciences

Aug 04, 2022
“It’s amazing to see a point of light from Hubble turn into a whole, beautifully shaped galaxy in these new James Webb images, and other galaxies just pop up out of nowhere. High-performance computing power made it possible to combine myriad images and hold the frames in memory at once for processing, resulting in a single beautiful image."
Steven Finkelstein, University of Texas at Austin astronomer and CEERS principal investigator