Texas A&M University physicist David Toback has served since 2014 as co-spokesperson and overall physics coordinator for the CDF collaboration at the U.S. Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. (Credit: Fermilab.)

CDF Collaboration at Fermilab Achieves Most Precise Measurement of W Boson Mass

Apr 07, 2022
"The Standard Model is one of the crowning achievements in human history. It predicted the existence of the W and Z bosons as well as the Higgs boson, all of which have been discovered, but it goes way beyond that in that it makes remarkably precise predictions for what the mass of the W boson should be. However, we’ve always known the Standard Model isn’t complete. It doesn’t explain gravity or dark matter. Something has to be missing. Therefore, we’ve been searching for 'cracks' in the Standard Model for decades to provide a clue to point the way. This measurement, which represents more than a decade of concerted effort, may be one of the most highly scrutinized in CDF history."
Dr. David Toback, Texas A&M physicist and CDF collaboration co-spokesperson