Texas A&M physics students take a hands-on approach to as well as clear joy in introducing their audiences to the wonders of science at one of Aggieland's most popular spring traditions, the Texas A&M Physics and Engineering Festival. (Credit: Alexey Belyanin.)

Texas A&M Study Finds Physics Outreach Participation Benefits Scientific Identity, Student Career Prospects

Sep 29, 2021
"Our results add to the growing understanding of how informal physics, or outreach, programs provide a platform for broader interactions between individual students and the STEM community and equip university students with the skills needed for the 21st century careers,. The data may help physics departments across the country design the out-of-classroom experiences of their students in a way that would improve their persistence and retention within STEM disciplines and better prepare them for 21st century careers in science and beyond."
Dr. Tatiana Erukhimova, Texas A&M physicist and Presidential Professor for Teaching Excellence