The Observatory at Cordón Macón, in the remote Atacama region of northwestern Argentina, which houses the state-of-the-art TOROS research telescope and camera at one of the best astronomical sites on earth. (Credit: Horacio Rodriguez, IATE.)

Cross-Texas Astronomical Collaboration TOROS Telescope Records First Images

Apr 29, 2021
"It's incredibly exciting to see so many years of efforts coming to fruition with these first images from TOROS. We are looking forward to the installation and operation of the wide-field camera, which will make our project quite competitive in this area of astrophysics. Since TOROS is a telescope that's fully dedicated to surveying the southern sky from a site with such a high percentage of clear nights, it has the potential to yield a fairly unique dataset that could enable many interesting astro-statistics projects."
Dr. Lucas Macri, Texas A&M astronomer