Students enrolled in Texas A&M's master's program in space radiation effects will have the opportunity to get hands-on research experience working alongside NASA representatives as well as a rich variety of industry practitioners.

Texas A&M Physics, Cyclotron Institute Team With NASA to Offer New Master’s Degree

Nov 06, 2020
“The Cyclotron has for 20 years served as a facility to carry out space radiation effects testing, but we’ve never had an educational program to fulfill the workforce. We decided that was something we needed to do for the nation — design a program with NASA to help fulfill that workforce need. There are programs at other institutions where people can learn about space radiation effects, but Texas A&M has a radiation effects testing facility to provide a hands-on component to that degree, What we have to offer is both the academics and the actual real-world experience, working side by side with current practitioners in the field.”
Dr. Sherry J. Yennello, Texas A&M Regents Professor of Chemistry and Cyclotron Institute Director