(Credit: Texas A&M Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering.)

Texas A&M Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering to Host Virtual Summer School on COVID-19

Jul 25, 2020
"We were the first to detect anthrax in real time 20 years ago. By adjusting the parameters of that technology, known as FAST CARS, we found we could trace and map out the surface of a single virus. We were also invited to join an international group on COVID-19 research that is studying the COVID-19 problem using cutting-edge science and technology. ... This is where world-class research is going on. All of our students and faculty have been going 24/7 since January, and I'm pleased that they will get a chance to share their progress on such a critical front with both a local and global audience."
Dr. Marlan O. Scully, Texas A&M physicist and National Academy of Sciences member