During the past four decades, Texas A&M Distinguished Professor Dr. Clifford H. Spiegelman applied his statistical expertise to chemistry, forensic science, medicine and related problems across multiple disciplines in broader service to society.

Texas A&M Mourns Loss of Distinguished Professor of Statistics Cliff Spiegelman

May 17, 2020
"Cliff was a leading applied statistician of his generation. Aside from his well-known work in chemometrics, he was one of the nation’s leading forensic statisticians and had a huge impact in reforming evidentiary standards in criminal prosecutions. For example, he was instrumental in excluding bullet lead and bite mark analyses. As a consequence of his work, a number of convictions based on misleading statistical claims were overturned. He also served as the official statistician of the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission and was the statistics advisor to the Texas Forensic Science Commission and Houston Forensic Science Center. Not only was he an outstanding statistician, but he was also an outstanding citizen."
Dr. Valen E. Johnson, Texas A&M Distinguished Professor of Statistics and Dean of Science