For the past three years, Texas A&M students enrolled in introductory biology courses have been saving thousands of dollars each year from the classroom to the laboratory, thanks to an effort led by Texas A&M biologist Wayne Versaw in partnership with the Texas A&M Libraries to move to free open source textbooks and lab manuals.

Texas A&M Biologist Wayne Versaw Earns Open Education Champion Award

Apr 29, 2020
"As far as I am aware, there is absolutely no one on campus who has championed the adoption of OER materials so broadly and successfully as Dr. Versaw. He envisioned their use as a partial solution to the poor student success rate in our introductory biology courses, and he had us well-positioned to become the first department on campus to use them. He has encouraged their use for other courses in our department. In addition, through his role as associate head for academics in Biology, he has encouraged his counterparts in other College of Science departments to also adopt OERs."
Dr. Thomas D. McKnight, Texas A&M biologist