The Observatory at Cordón Macón, in the remote Atacama region of northwestern Argentina, which houses the state-of-the-art TOROS research telescope and camera, at one of the best astronomical sites on earth. (Credit: Horacio Rodriguez, IATE.)

Cross-Texas Astronomical Collaboration Receives NSF Support to Study Gravitational Wave Sources

Aug 31, 2019
"TOROS will make important contributions to the follow-up of gravitational wave sources and will help develop the next generation of big data astronomers across diverse communities in Aggieland, Argentina and the Rio Grande Valley. There are many challenges associated with searching large areas of the sky for fast-evolving astronomical sources, making this a great interdisciplinary astrostatistics project for the Texas A&M College of Science. We are grateful for the bi-national support that this project has received."
Dr. Lucas Macri, Texas A&M astronomer