A member of the Texas A&M Biology faculty since 1997, Deborah Bell-Pedersen is an internationally recognized leader in the fields of circadian and fungal biology. In addition to helping to sequence the genome for Neurospora crassa (bread mold), her laboratory made the first DNA chips containing the fungus's genes, which led to major insights into its biological clock.

Texas A&M Biologist Deborah Bell-Pedersen Named to Inaugural Class of University Professorship Holders

May 02, 2019
"Dr. Deborah Bell-Pedersen is an exceptionally strong candidate for the inaugural class of University Professorships. Her contributions to the science of the biological clock and clock output pathways are highly regarded. She is a leader in the fields of both biological clocks and fungal biology, where she is well known, respected and loved. She is not only an outstanding researcher, but also a wonderful mentor for graduate and undergraduate researchers. Her commitment to her science and her students makes Texas A&M a better place for us all. She is an outstanding ambassador for her field, for science in general, and for Texas A&M University."
Dr. Thomas D. McKnight, Texas A&M biologist