Texas A&M Distinguished Professor of Statistics Clifford H. Spiegelman often applies his professional expertise to make a difference in the courtroom, helping to provide justice for those wrongly convicted of crimes on the basis of flawed forensic science.

Texas A&M Statistician Cliff Spiegelman Honored with Special Journal Issue

Apr 19, 2017
"This Virtual Special Issue (VSI) has been compiled to honor Cliff Spiegelman for his 30 years of service to Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems as one of its founding editors and for his outstanding service to the chemometrics community and in recent years to the field of forensic science. I first met Cliff as Luc Massart was organizing this journal, and we were excited to have a publication devoted specifically to chemometrics and to bring chemistry and statistics together to support both fields."
Dr. Philip K. Hopke, Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems editorial board