Ting Li '16, working in Texas A&M's Munnerlyn Lab to assemble the world's premier spectrograph, the Visible Integral-Field Replicable Unit Spectrograph (VIRUS), as part of the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX).

Texas A&M Grad Student Ting Li Awarded Fermilab’s Lederman Fellowship

Mar 16, 2016
"This is one of only a few prize fellowships in particle physics. The fact that it was awarded to an astronomer this year is notable and speaks to how extraordinary and cross-disciplinary Ting's work has been. The Lederman also has an educational/public outreach component, so Ting will be able to continue her work in public outreach as well. We're very proud of her!"
Dr. Jennifer Marshall, Texas A&M astronomer