"Capturing Time: The Story of Early Photography" opens Thursday, Jan. 28, at the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History with a 6 p.m. free public lecture by Master Photographer Darrin Hill. (Credit: Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History.)

Local Photography Exhibit to Feature Two Original Hubble Glass Plates

Jan 28, 2016
"Many have seen reproductions of the H335H plate, because in red ink, Hubble has crossed out 'N' (for possible nova) and instead wrote 'VAR!' as if he was living an ah-ha moment. But the whole series of plates was used in the discovery, and as such, the plates in the exhibition were part of the discovery of the scale of the universe. Hubble's famous Cepheid variable star can be clearly seen on the H335H plate."
Nicholas B. Suntzeff, Texas A&M astronomer