The Texas A&M University-built Atmospheric Transmission Monitoring Camera (aTmCam) is installed at Chile's Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory on the concrete pad formerly used by the El Enano dome. It is designed to enable the improved photometric calibration of data acquired by the Dark Energy Camera (DECam) mounted on the CTIO's 4m Blanco telescope visible in the background. (Credit: Brian Nord, Fermilab)

Texas A&M Grad Student’s aTmCam Offers Cosmic Insight for Dark Energy Survey

Oct 29, 2014
"We've done other small projects for the Dark Energy Survey in the past, but this is yet another example of the excellent work our undergrad and grad students are doing in our lab. I think this is Texas A&M's greatest contribution to this project and what makes me the most proud."
Jennifer Marshall, Texas A&M astronomer