It was a banner day for Texas A&M mathematician Wolfgang Bangerth on the campus of Seoul National University, where last Friday he completed a weeklong deal.II workshop. In addition, he will present several ASPECT tutorials at cities cross the globe this summer.

Texas A&M Software Offers Insight Into Earth’s Interior

Jun 23, 2014
"Recall that in places like the Pacific Northwest or the west coast of Southern America, an oceanic plate is diving under the continent, and that oceanic plate has a kilometer or more of water-saturated sediments on it. Surely some of these sediments will dive with the plate into the depth and take the water with it. So it must be somewhere, and presumably there must also be a way for it to come back to the surface again. So, that there is water is something one can be fairly certain about from theoretical considerations. That one can point to a place where it has a measurable effect is pretty cool, though."
Wolfgang Bangerth, Texas A&M mathematician