The College of Science offers high-achieving Texas A&M science undergraduates the opportunity to significantly reduce the time required to obtain a master’s degree through two competitive Fast-Track Programs.

The Fast-Track Program in Statistics and Fast-Track Program in Mathematics enables academically ambitious students who are currently enrolled in either statistics or mathematics to earn their combined bachelor’s/master’s in five years from Texas A&M.

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You have limitless choices on what to major in at Texas A&M, and in the College of Science, we want you to be able to wonder, to dream, and to courageously achieve your goals, complete with the support and opportunities you can only experience as a student in Texas A&M Science.

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Texas A&M Lab Final Combines Chemistry, Creativity and Science Communication

As universities across the U.S. and world transitioned this fall to online formats or a combination of in-person and virtual classes in response to COVID-19, laboratory science instructors found themselves working overtime to find suitable ways to replicate the hands-on experience and simultaneous safety training inherent within the traditional laboratory setting while also keeping their students remotely engaged and safe.

In a strange turn of events only a global pandemic could inspire, Texas A&M University chemists Alicia Altemose and Edward Lee decided against giving a final exam in their Fundamentals of Chemistry lab, instead challenging their [...]

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