The College of Science serves as a leading source of students entering medical, veterinary, dental or law school from Texas A&M, one of the state’s top producers overall among Texas universities for professional study programs. With more than 3,200 undergraduate students in the college, students can choose to pursue one of 41 degree paths and have the option to minor in one of our eight approved minors, in addition to having access to exclusive programs and experiences that set your undergraduate experience as a Texas A&M Science student apart from every other college on campus.

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  • The fall freshman application opens August 1, and the deadline for applying is December 1.
  • The spring freshman application opens August 1, and the deadline for applying is October 15.
  • The summer/fall transfer application opens January 1, and the deadline for applying is March 1.
  • The spring transfer application opens July 1, and the deadline for applying is October 15.

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Teacher Certification

Texas A&M leads the state in the production of university-prepared secondary mathematics and science teachers! You can double your career potential by obtaining a Texas high school science or math teaching certificate through aggieTEACH-Science as you earn your undergraduate degree.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Each year, the College of Science awards more than $350,000 to almost 200 students across the college. In addition, we offer competitive financial stipends of $1,000 to National Merit and Hispanic Scholars. Prospective and current students are eligible for both college- and university-wide scholarships, depending on qualifications and guidelines.

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Science Advantage

You have limitless choices on what to major in at Texas A&M, and in the College of Science, we want you to be able to wonder, to dream, and to courageously achieve your goals, complete with the support and opportunities you can only experience as a student in Texas A&M Science.

Undergraduate News

Texas A&M Biology Major Annabel Perry Finds Place in World of Science Through Research

Every picture tells a story. One of Annabel Perry’s childhood favorites features her as a grinning 10-year-old clutching a gigantic bullfrog, a slightly out-of-focus snapshot of both place and time that captures her budding interest in the natural world and her future as a scientist — a career path and underlying passion accelerated by undergraduate research and key faculty mentors at Texas A&M University.

This little girl with the bullfrog, however, didn't start out with all the tools she needed to succeed as a scientist. Perry, who was homeschooled as a child in Milford, Texas, grew up believing that women were less logical than men, evolution was not real and human behaviors were not biologically determined. She didn't seriously question those beliefs until, at the age of 16 after researching [...]

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