Science Leadership Scholars

In fall 2016, Texas A&M Science welcomed 23 incoming freshmen as the inaugural cohort in the Science Leadership Scholars (SLS) Program, an elite learning community designed to financially and academically support high-performing science majors who are first-generation in college and come from low-income households. Our goal with SLS is simple — increase retention and graduation of these selected students through early intervention. The college is able to offer students $2,500 scholarships each year and provide them with a dedicated advisor, intentional mentoring, networking opportunities, targeted instruction, and extensive research experiences.

Now in the program’s fifth year, we have served more than 100 students and hope to expand our reach beyond SLS students to support all science majors.

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“Honestly, SLS is more than just a scholarship — it’s a community. I’ve met some of my best friends through SLS, friends who are now my roommates. It’s been the most genuine experience of my college career, allowed me to expand my career options, and impacted me in ways that can’t be measured.”

Isa Duong ’21, Austin native | Biology major | Chemistry minor | SLS 2nd cohort | Future pharmacist

Honors Program

In the College of Science, our honors programs in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics and astronomy provide valuable research-based preparation designed to help you excel in future endeavors ranging from graduate school to industry.

In order to be part of the program, each first-year student must have at least a 3.5 GPA and continue to register for an appropriate honors course(s) to progress through the Honors Program. Students beyond first-year may enter the program by having at least a 3.5 GPA and making progress toward earning the program requirements. Honors students complete a minimum of 28 hours of honors coursework during the course of their undergraduate career.


“Being in the Math Honors program has been very rewarding; it challenges me more than other courses, allowing me to develop better study and time-management habits. My math courses have allowed me to learn more efficiently and pose questions that demand critical thought and hard work, which are valuable skills that can be applied to any field.”

Amy Zhou ’21, Houston native | Applied Mathematics major | Statistics and Economics minor | Future actuary

Science to Medicine

Each year, up to 10 Texas A&M Science students interested in pursuing a career as a physician or physician scientist are granted guaranteed acceptance into the Texas A&M College of Medicine upon completion of their undergraduate degrees. This joint learning path is designed to expand and enhance your overall educational process at Texas A&M.

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“The Science to Medicine program is helping me lay a strong foundation of science that I can build upon once I get to medical school. It is setting me up for success in the medical field by fostering a collaborative learning environment, which will translate well into working with a team of medical professionals from various fields of expertise when practicing in a clinical setting.”


Sunitha Konatham ’21, Austin native | Biology major | Anthropology minor | Future doctor

Brockman Scholars Program

This unique five-year degree program established in 2018 by the Brockman Foundation is available to incoming Texas A&M freshmen majoring in STEM fields. The Brockman Scholarship covers full tuition and fees, room and board, books, transportation and miscellaneous fees while also funding opportunities such as internships, study abroad and leadership development programs — making it the most all-inclusive scholarship offered at Texas A&M.

Brockman Scholars graduate in five years with an undergraduate STEM degree as well as a Master of Science in Business. Scholars are educated in a dynamic setting that provides hands-on training in both fields of study, combining the two to give students an edge above their peers when entering the workforce. Through their master’s program, scholars will gain deeper insight into the working application of a STEM degree through courses covering business communications and ethics, finance and accounting, marketing, management and entrepreneurship.

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“Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I have been granted this opportunity. Just a year ago, I was beginning a gap year working to help with my college expenses, and though I had secured a few scholarships, I knew I would be in for a stressful few years trying to afford the cost of my education. Now, I have secured savings for my future and am fortunate enough to begin my college career focused on my studies.”

Ireri Medrano ’22, Georgia resident | Applied Mathematical Sciences major

Dean’s Student Advisory Panel

Want to be the voice of Texas A&M Science and your fellow students as the leadership link between the college’s administration and its student body? Apply for the College of Science Dean’s Student Advisory Panel (DSAP), whose membership is open to all undergraduate majors within the college.

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“My dream is to be part of a world-wide outbreak investigative team, tracking diseases for the Centers for Disease Control. Through DSAP, I have learned to advocate for and interact with fellow students, adapt to work successfully alongside others, and lead an effective team, all qualities that will help me problem solve and think critically when faced with difficult decisions in my future career.”

Andrea Rodriguez ’19, Carrollton native | Biology major | Public Health minor | Future Global Epidemiologist


When it comes to improving student retention and graduation rates, the College of Science is committed to driving the change we seek through RetainU, a weekly peer mentoring program required for all first-year students as a supplement to their traditional education designed to help them better understand course material and assignments.

In addition to an assigned undergraduate peer mentor, every incoming student benefits from a variety of services, including an academic boot camp and orientation during the first week of class, faculty and graduate student peer mentor meetings, academic success center workshops, and mid-term grade checks and advising meetings.


A female science student networks with a former student at a meeting receptionLaunched in Fall 2018 and created in partnership with the Texas A&M Career Center and The Association of Former Students, this program assists current undergraduate students as a bridge to their chosen profession or continued learning in graduate or professional school. The program focuses on juniors and seniors, with all mentees receiving hands-on mentoring, coaching, advising, feedback and assistance with regard to career development, planning and execution.

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STEM to Stocks

Mays Business School’s Master of Science in Finance (MSF) Program is designed to prepare non-finance undergraduates to launch finance-related careers without the full-time work experience required by an MBA. The program features an accelerated admissions component supporting sophomores and juniors planning to graduate in December, giving them a head start on career and internship opportunities. As an added incentive, accepted students can take 11-14 hours of MSF courses at the undergraduate tuition rate.

In addition, high performing incoming freshman and sophomores at Texas A&M are invited to become members of the STEM to Stocks Guild, a subsidiary of the MSF Program that aims to teach STEM majors more about business early on and how it can impact and complement their future careers.

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“Having access to this guild my freshman year would have opened the door for exponential career opportunities early on. So, I’m eager to help other freshmen engineers reach their full potential.”

Emma Wagenknecht '22 | STEM to Stocks Guild President | Industrial & Systems Engineering + Master of Science in Finance major