The College of Science is considered one of the premier gateways to professional school at Texas A&M. The college serves as a leading source of students entering medical, veterinary, dental or law school from Texas A&M, one of the state’s top producers overall among Texas universities for professional study programs.

Science to Medicine Program

Each year, up to 10 Texas A&M Science students interested in pursuing a career as a physician or physician scientist are granted guaranteed acceptance into the Texas A&M College of Medicine upon completion of their undergraduate degrees. This joint learning path is designed to expand and enhance your overall educational process at Texas A&M.

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Science Advantage

You have limitless choices on what to major in at Texas A&M, and in the College of Science, we want you to be able to wonder, to dream, and to courageously achieve your goals, complete with the support and opportunities you can only experience as a student in Texas A&M Science.