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Science needs curious young people like you – future problem-solvers and world-changers driven by the spirit of discovery. Our undergraduates are committed to pushing back the boundaries of knowledge, harnessing curiosity to think bigger than ever before and finding extraordinary answers to life’s ordinary questions.

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Curious about furthering your education or career options in science and mathematics? Look no further than Texas A&M Science, which pairs world-renowned faculty and top-tier departments with excellent facilities and unique research experiences to create a diverse and encouraging learning environment where opportunity abounds.

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Everything you do matters, from every moment to every decision. Choosing Texas A&M Science at any point in your college career allows you to leave your mark and make a career out of curiosity. We welcome transfers that have completed at least 24 hours in their major, with a 3.0 GPA or higher. Strength of schedule is also a factor in determining admission.

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Texas A&M is No. 4 among nation’s best universities
(Washington Monthly, 2020)

$10,000 average undergraduate tuition

$500,000 in fellowships for science graduate students

175 undergraduate scholarships awarded

$1,000 stipends for select National Merit and National Hispanic Scholars

Science Advantage

You have limitless choices on what to major in at Texas A&M, and in the College of Science, we want you to be able to wonder, to dream, and to courageously achieve your goals, complete with the support and opportunities you can only experience as a student in Texas A&M Science.


How do I schedule a visit to Aggieland? White Arrow

To schedule a campus tour, dorm tour, and/or an individual college visit, register for a visit through the Texas A&M Visitor Center. Email us if you would like to schedule an individual visit with the College of Science.

What do you look for in a prospective applicant? White Arrow

If you do not qualify for top 10 percent admission or academic admission, applicants will be reviewed based on the application and essay, class rank, SAT and/or ACT scores, extracurricular activities, community service, employment, summer activities, talents, awards, and honors.

What deadlines do I need to know about when applying? White Arrow

The fall freshman application opens July 1, and the deadline for applying is December 1. The spring freshman application opens July 1, and the deadline for applying is October 15. The summer/fall transfer application opens January 1, and the deadline for applying is March 1. The spring transfer application opens July 1, and the deadline for applying is October 15.

I’m considering transferring to Texas A&M? What do I need to know before applying? White Arrow

All requirements to transfer to the College of Science can be found at the Office of Admissions. Each department lists its required courses and grades needed to transfer on the Transfer Course sheets. Students who do not meet the requirements listed on the Transfer Course Sheets will not be eligible for transfer.

I want to be a doctor. What should I major in to make that happen? White Arrow

The College of Science serves as a leading source of students entering medical and dental schools from Texas A&M, one of the state’s top producers overall among Texas universities for professional study programs. Many of those students select a degree program in science to complete their pre-requisite courses with the help of the Office of Professional School Advising, which works with students of all majors to help them prepare. Select freshmen and sophomores can qualify for the Science to Medicine Early Admissions Program.

Does the college offer financial aid and scholarships? White Arrow

Students who are interested in receiving financial aid and scholarships from Texas A&M University must have a FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on file and a completed scholarship application. To become eligible for scholarships as an incoming student, applicants must complete the scholarship portion on the ApplyTexas application. While the College of Science typically does not award scholarships to first-year students, we do offer a limited number of scholarships to incoming National Scholars.

Where can I study abroad as a science major? White Arrow

More than 5,000 Texas A&M students participate each year in high-impact international experiences. In the College of Science, there are a variety of ways to study abroad, whether you are seeking core curriculum credit or credit for courses in your degree. Contacting the Texas A&M Study Abroad Programs Office and coordinating with your advisor will help you have a positive experience. One thing to keep in mind is that study abroad does not have to be for credit. It’s possible to have an experience abroad through internships, research and volunteer programs, conferences, and other non-traditional avenues to explore the world and new cultural horizons.

What if I’m interested in teaching? White Arrow

Great question! As a math or science major, aggieTEACH-Science is the only way you can receive teacher certification as you earn your degree. This program is designed for undergraduate students who are interested in teaching high school math or science and whose majors require at least 24 hours (half at upper level) of math and science coursework. There is no difference in the courses you take, and there are scholarship awards available for students pursuing certification in this program. For more information, visit the aggieTEACH-Science website or email us.

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