Training in research skills such as statistical analysis of data, general lab procedures, organization and management of group activities, and effective communication of progress and results are important enhancements to undergraduate education and often involve instruction outside the classroom. Direct experience in research activities at the undergraduate level can help students broaden post-degree employment opportunities and dramatically improve chances to attend graduate school across all disciplines in the College of Science.  Existing programs in individual departments (291/491/285/485 courses and various degree requirements) encourage roughly 25% of all College of Science students to participate in research.

The College of Science Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (SUROP) aims to increase the number of undergraduate students involved in research projects by funding their effort, as well as increasing opportunities for qualified underrepresented minority and first generation students involved in research.

The program is flexible and allows for a mixture of direct pay to the student, course credit for part of the research activity (credit for all the effort can already be obtained through the standard 291/491/etc. research courses), or both. The research project can occur any time of the year; work through summers and inter-semester breaks is encouraged.

Funds will be allocated on a competitive basis. Applications must be submitted by faculty sponsors and should include a description of the proposed research, expected outcomes, a budget, and a brief description of the undergraduate researcher’s qualifications. Funds may be used to pay stipends of undergraduate researchers at a rate of $13/hour, with a maximum of 200 hours for research conducted during each semester (including inter-semester breaks), or 500 hours for projects conducted over the summer.   Limited funds to purchase supplies or support travel may also be requested. Faculty are encouraged to provide (partial) matching funds to supplement student stipends and related project costs.

Applications will be accepted throughout the academic year beginning on August 1. Funding decisions will generally be made within two weeks of submission and approvals will continue until program funds are exhausted. For full consideration, proposals for summer funding should be submitted by 15 April. Criteria for the evaluation of the proposals appear on the program web page.

Anticipated Number of Awards for FY22: 10

Science Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Application